PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

Foundation pump sorting bowl up to 100 upm

Foundation pump sorting bowl up to 100 upm
Technical information

Output Up to 100 units/minute
Screw-on pumps Ø 18 à 33 mm
Length of dip-tubes 50 to 120 mm
Pump body height Up to 40 mm
Motor Prefeed elevator : 0,16kW
Power Power: Tri 400V + N + Ground 50/60 Hz
Hopper work height
1000 mm

Bowl only

Bowl with prefeed elevator

Width: 1,000 mm
Depth: 2,000 mm
Height: 1,500 mm

Width: 1,000 mm
Depth: 3,000 mm
Height: 2,100 mm

Sound level < 70 dBA


Only one vibrating bowl to feed all the different types of dispenser pumps, using smart multiformat rail guide allowing ultra-quick changeovers.

The NEW GENERATION high performance foundation pump patented PKB vibrating bowls are extremely easy to use, with quick and easy format changeovers using only one bowl for all the different types and sizes of foundation pumps.

  • High outputs: up to 100 units/minute,
  • No air jets (no compressed air, reliability, repeatable format changeovers, reduced noise, reduced operating costs), patented device,
  • Great sorting quality and a high degree of respect for the integrity of the items being dispensed all due to the effective design of the specialized vibrating bowl, dedicated exclusively to foundation pump sorting,
  • Quick and extremely simple tool-free format changeovers, no bowl to change, minimum adjustments and format parts, easy to empty bowl,
  •  Multi-format universal rail guide,
  •  Industrial production of all components for this new bowl, particularly the format parts (100% machined),
  • Over 45-minute autonomy,
  • Very robust, ergonomic design and minimum maintenance,
  • Guards designed specifically for maximum acoustic insulation,
  • Flexibility in terms of layout (thanks to the standard double-blade technology of the vibrating rail, allowing for very long rail guides if necessary),
  • Clear, user-friendly bowl manual,
  • Bowl certified to CE standards by an independent accredited organization,
  • Prefeed elevator to increase autonomy,
  • Adjustment of the foundation pump vibrating bowl height (with the option of synchronizing height adjustment in conjunction with the connected machine),
  • Additional prefeed elevator, adjustable at 180° for optimal use passing underneath the conveyor (to feed the pumps from the inside of the line).