PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

Perfume mini-pump sorting bowl up to 200 upm

Perfume mini-pump sorting bowl up to 200 upm
Technical information

Output Up to 200 upm

Length of dip-tube

Pump body height

Sample caps

Ø 8 to 12 mm

40 to 55 mm

Up to 30 mm

With or without stem
Ø 7 mm

Stem length 25 to 50mm
Motor Tapis stockeur : 0,16 kW
Power Puissance : Tri 400V + N + Ground 50/60Hz
Hopper work height < 1000 mm

Bowl only

Bowl with prefeed elevator

Width : 700 mm
Depth : 2 000 mm
Height : 1 500 mm

Width : 1 000 mm
Depth : 3 000 mm
Height : 2 100mm

Sound level < 75 dBA


The NEW GENERATION PKB patented high performance vibrating bowls are extremely easy-to-use with quick and easy format changeovers for all the different types of perfume mini-pumps.

It has 2 combined bowls, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise and 2 vibrating rails.

  • High outputs : up to 200 upm on 2 guides,
  • Quick and extremely simple tool-free format changeovers, minimum adjustments and format parts, easy to empty bowls,
  • Interchangeable rail guides,
  • Industrial production of all components for this new bowl, particularly the format parts (100% machined),
  • Very robust, ergonomic design and minimum maintenance,
  • Guards designed specifically for maximum acoustic insulation,
  • Flexibility in terms of layout (thanks to standard double-blade technology of the vibrating rail, allowing for very long rail guides if necessary),
  • Clear, user-friendly bowl manual,
  • Bowl certified to CE standards by an independent accredited organization,
  • PKB is currently the only manufacturer of vibrating bowls having obtained explosion-proof ATEX zone 1 certification for its vibrating bowls and rails after a long and costly process,
  • Prefeed elevator to increase autonomy,
  • Adjustment of the vibrating bowl height (with option of synchronizing height adjustment in conjunction with the connected machine).