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PKB SYNCHRO Mascara: filling / capping machine up to 60 bpm

PKB SYNCHRO Mascara: filling / capping machine up to 60 bpm
  • PKB SYNCHRO mascara : filler/capper
  • Mascara
  • Mascara filling
  • Mascara brush screwing

Mascara: a product with 2500 patents!

Protected with more than 2500 patents worldwide, mascara is a high technology product that has to meet specific requirements, all fulfilled by the PKB SYNCHRO mascara filling machine.

  • Mascara filling, using an optimized dosing system in order to:

    • fill a very thick product,
    • obtain high dosing accuracy even through the volumes to be filled are very small (5 to 10 ml),
    • achieve product priming, while very difficult due to its high viscosity,
    • avoid air trapping by using “bottom-up” filling, which is absolutely essential because of the very narrow neck diameter of the mascara bottle.
  • Adaptability to the constraints of diverse packaging:
    • round, oval, square, cylindrical and triangular bottles,
    • long, unstable shapes requiring the use of pucks,
    • pre-assembled wipers, or wipers to be distributed and assembled directly on the machine,
    • brushes with a variety of shapes and characteristics, the result of the extraordinary inventiveness of brands to obtain special effects. This wide variety requires perfect control of the sorting of these items, regardless of the cap shape or the center of gravity of the brush. For this purpose, PKB has developed the ‘racetrackfeeder’, PKB’s exclusive patented system for sorting brushes without frictions or entanglements,
    • smart servodriven screw-cappers : low tightening torque to protect fragile caps + control of torque + cap orientation when required.