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PKB SYNCHRO PERFUME: 60 bpm perfume servodrive filling and capping machine

PKB SYNCHRO PERFUME: 60 bpm perfume servodrive filling and capping machine
  • Servodrive filling and capping machine
  • Perfume bottles
  • Perfume bottle filling - SYNCHRO
  • Perfume bottles capping - SYNCHRO
  • Perfume bottle filling - SYNCHRO
  • Perfume bottle snap-on  - SYNCHRO

PKB SYNCHRO PERFUME is a high-performance filling and capping machine including the latest innovations developed and patented by PKB.

Performance based on 8 major assets:

  • Continuous, bottom-up filling on an intermittent machine (exclusive PKB patented concept) with perfect use of servodrives. This technology allows the optimization of “ideal” virtual cams for each bottle format and product type for :
    • Extremely high dosing accuracy, representing substantial savings (up to 12,000 litres of perfume per year),
    • Excellent filling quality (no foam),
    • No splashing,
    • 30% increase in output by means of an exclusive patented PKB system and optimized use of servodrives.
  • Mass flowmeter filling: the circuit is linear, segment-free, without dynamic seals and retention areas, to prevent contamination. Furthermore, the filling mode does not require the recharging cycle with conventional pumps, thus increasing output.
  • Capping :
    • “Positive” crimping with dip-tube straightening,
    • Dip-tube detection camera, including transparent
      (« Crystal ® ») dip-tubes in the bottles,
    • Ionizer to remove any dust from the dip-tubes.
  • Ergonomics :
    • Full accessibility to all parts of the machine (multiple openings),
    • Format parts are within hand’s reach (and not arm’s reach!),
    • Easy format change setting on display,
    • No tool required for format changeovers (machine and feeders),
    • Multi-format sorting bowls, to avoid changing the bowl and carrying heavy loads. PKB patented sorting bowls are designed with no air jets (cleanliness, reliability, ease-of-use and economy).
  • Prophylaxis: no retention areas.
  • Environment: drastic effluent reduction.
    Due to the very short, linear filling circuit, the amount of product remaining in the circuits at the end of batches is limited, meaning less cleaning fluid. One cleaning cycle now uses only 9 litres of alcohol as opposed to 40 litres previously. This means 4 times less effluent discharged by the machine user.
  • Output : the PKB SYNCHRO PERFUME filling and capping machine has an output of up to 60 bpm making it the highest-performance multi-format monobloc intermittent perfume filling and capping machine in the world.
  • Excellent value for money.